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Ski Team is the solo alias of Lucie Lozinski, an independent songwriter, singer, producer, and guitarist known for her crystalline voice and honest, playful lyricism.

American Songwriter has highlighted Ski Team’s “quasi-Americana sound, combining traditional folk and rock elements with undeniably modern soundscapes.” Ski Team is not a band.

Lucie Lozinski Ski Team

Originally from New Jersey, Lozinski infuses everything with a touch of her roots. “That's what New Jersey sounds like,” says Lozinski about the anthemic guitar distortion on her new single.

Lucie Lozinski Ski Team

The daughter of musicians, Lozinski has sung with icons like Tony Bennett and Queen Latifah since her childhood. In 2019, she met producer Bobby Renz in San Francisco. The pair recorded Ski Team’s first non-bedroom production, Don't Give Up (Yet), at Different Fur Records in the Mission District—also home to the single’s cover art. “I took that picture in the Mission,” explained Lozinski. “I think dogs in cars are my 'brand.'”

Lucie Lozinski Ski Team

Lozinski caught the attention of LA-based producer Scott Seiver (who’s produced for the likes of Pete Yorn, Aimee Mann, and Ted Leo) after a Tenacious D concert in San Francisco. She saw him play drums at the show and sent a demo on Instagram. A few months and voice memo exchanges later, Lozinski teamed up with Seiver and Timothy Young in Los Angeles to elevate Ski Team’s homemade intimacy into full-blown indie pop with single Knicks Suck.

Ski Team's latest solo work, Photos (Acoustic Version), is out now.

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